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    There is full / part funding available for the SIA courses, depending on which SIA course you are interested in and how much its worth.

    You have to be 19yrs or over to be eligible for the funding .

    In order to receive the funding you would have to complete and pass all or some of the courses listed below depending on which SIA course you would like to be put on.

    • Employability Qualification – this qualification concentrates on the basic Employability skills to assist you in getting a job such as CV writing, applications and interview skillls
    • IT Qualification – This qualification is based on basic computer skills and is an online test, you can work from home as long as you have internet to log on to the system.
    • Adult literacy and Numeracy Qualification – The Basic Skills courses result in a Level 1 or 2

    Qualification. The Level 2 qualification is similar to a GCSE grade C in Maths or English.

    This process is around 5-6 weeks once you have completed and passed the course we would book you in for the SIA course your interested in, on the earliest available date.

    Please call 0800 587 7780 / 0121 771 0655 for further information.