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    About Training 4 Employment

    Why choose us?

    All of our trainers have first hand experience of working in security, so they can give you honest, real advice based on their own careers. You will receive assistance in CV building and also during your job search after you’re fully qualified we will also provide you with references to any future employers.
    There’s no long wait for your results either, as you receive them within days of sitting the examination.Once you have received your results the service doesn’t stop there we offer the opportunity to discuss and review personal developments supported with practical advice and guidance.

    What makes Training for Employment stand out?

    We always remember we are a service provider with whom the customer comes first. We work with the learner to create a bespoke, relevant and interactive course meeting their needs. Supported by highly qualified trainers and assessors.

    What makes our courses better than others?

    All trainers have a vast amount of experience in the field so they know exactly what they’re talking about. There is of course a no pass, no retake fee allowing those who do not pass first time to retake without paying any extra costs.